The Liberal Tortoise is about … Liberalism

I’m a political philosopher trained in the analytic tradition. I’ve worked on liberal political thought for fifteen years, talking mostly to philosophers, political scientists, and economists. I’m now spreading my wings a bit to talk about liberalism to a broader intellectual audience, including very online young people skeptical of the liberal tradition.

I find contemporary discussions of liberalism mostly crude and unhelpful. I created this free (one-year) Substack to encourage more careful reflection on liberalism and the arguments for and against it. I want to go slow because I think the slow and steady approach is essential to preserving liberal order.

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Slow and steady wins the race for the open society.


Professor of Philosophy at Bowling Green State University. I work on liberalism, trust, and religion and politics. My new book concerns religious anti-liberalisms, like Catholic integralism - All the Kingdoms of the World (Oxford UP 2023).