"Our disputes about markets and the welfare state are now less critical. What matters is preserving the liberal framework within which we work out our disagreements. In the 20th century, liberals took too long to see this. Fascism and communism got the upper hand. This time around, anti-liberal forces are much weaker. Liberals can beat them."

I'm not sure how I feel about this. I think that such a strong desire to impose a 'liberal framework' on the rest of the world has, in the past, done more harm than good. The United States is not the world's savior, and swooping in to 'solve' other countries problems while barely knowing anything about the history behind those problems is courting disaster. Is forcing other countries to accept liberalism a very liberal thing to do? It seems to be the kind of thing that you're criticizing integralists for. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding what you're saying here; it's likely that I am, but I would like to know more about your position here.

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I think the whole anti-Israel sentiment on college campuses is proof that maybe academia as a whole (not just the liberal arts) needs restructured. My freshmen year in college, I had an Egyptian Islamo-Fascist professor who (as expected) hated Israel. It wasn't until later I learned that Egyptian hatred for Israel extended well past the supposed Exodus. I agree it is weird that many who support Ukraine also oppose Israel. I also worry that the support for Hamas will lead some to argue in favor of internment camps for Arabs and Muslims much like the Japanese during WWII. Though it should be said that the groups in question do not seem to realize this and are proceeding full speed ahead (the men and women covering their hair and faces during these "peaceful protests" isn't helping their public image obviously).

I also think this should force Dems to join the other side in wanting the Squad voted out of office. The same would have to hold for Jewish politicians with any anti-Zionist sentiments. Biden would have to condemn the members of the Squad by name (even if not naming them individually) in order to convince people that he truly sides with Israel.

"And in the daughter of Judah he makes mourning and lamentation abound"

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